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June 27 2017

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Happy Pride!

These designs are available as stickers, coffee mugs, tshirts, and all kinds of other stuff in my shop!

Follow for more pride galaxies and other 8bit space art.

[ace, trans, bisexual, genderflux, genderqueer, demiboy, demigirl, lesbian, rainbow, queer, pansexual, agender]



in the walking dead universe there’s gotta be at least ONE zombie in a fursuit

this is the ugliest text post ive ever seen i hope you’re happy with yourself

June 26 2017


no offense but i want every little kid to be safe and have a good childhood





You need to stop telling artists that whatever character they’ve drawn reminds you of another character. Even if you mean it as a compliment, it’s not; it’s dismissing the effort that artist put into drawing a character that they love.

yes people, just remember that overall no artist in any field really appreciates comparisons like that…

I’ve reblogged this before but this time I wanted to add:

this goes double for people’s ocs.

More often than not, if an artist’s original character resembles an unrelated existing one, they know and already feel self-conscious about it. Whenever I get a comment like this on my ocs, I always feel uncreative and cheap like all I did was subconsciously copy another character, even if I know I put a lot of effort in creating it.

It sounds like you’re accusing the artist of plagiarism too sometimes. That’s a no no

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Hey followers, I’m about to move across the country and could really use some cash (I have $90 in my paypal account currently) so if you can, I’d appreciate a commission or two. I do circular gallifreyan writing and will write anything you want, within reason.

The Rules

  • I charge $5 per word up to six words, with an additional $2.50 added to the rate for each word after that.
  • I charge $3 additional for a custom background (solid colors and gradients are free.)
  • All prices are in USD.
  • I will not write anything racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted.
  • If you use my work for your own projects, please give me credit with a link back to my blog.

@emergencycommissions I’d appreciate a signal boost, thank <3

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An ace trainer supporting fellow aces out there 💜(I love how her outfit almost matches the ace flag too)


I’m the founder of the “I suck at keeping the conversation going, but I really like talking to you” club

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this is qwilfish, a generation 2 pokemon

im just posting this to say, i have never, in my entire life, seen anyone acknowledge its existence.

not only have i never seen fanart of qwilfish, ive absolutely never seen it mentioned in any kind of pokemon discussion, ever




I walked to a deli and got a sandwich to go and a coffee and while I was waiting these two teenage girls ran up and were like OH MY GOD JESSICA HOW ARE YOU and then hugged me and the one whispered “that guy was following you and taking pictures of you” and then they walked home with me and that one guy stopped following me and hONESTLY THIS IS WHAT I AM HERE FOR

Y'all I was at the river just hanging with my friend and these two high school girls run up to us and say “Can you pretend to be our friends? Cause this guy has been following us,” and we sat with them and they called their parents to pick them up and I really want to share that story cause it’s SO SMART and when you’re in crisis your mind can just blank in panic so I want everyone to have that story in the back of their heads. NEVER be afraid to ask strangers for protection!

Once in like ninth grade, I was at Starbucks by myself doing homework and this weirdo came and sat at my table and was telling me how he was a photographer and how he was “scouting” for models and he really liked my “look” and he was trying to ask my name and how old I was and I was panicking bc I didn’t know what to do
Then this middle aged woman came up to us and was like “EMILY there you are sweetie I was looking for you it’s time to go home!” and the guy left really awkwardly and then she told me that she had a daughter my age and asked if I told him my name and I said no and she told me to be safe
Keep an eye out. Protect each other

friendly reminder that the SAT was created to keep jews out of ivy leagues





The SAT was created by a noted racist and anti-immigrant activist who had previously written difficult, biased exams intended to prevent immigrants from becoming citizens. Happy test day!!

source, and the full text of his work that was later used to fuel anti-immigrant sentiment and prove the superiority of the “Nordic” race.

specifically jewish immigrants who were too smart and filling up the ivy leagues http://m.dailykos.com/story/2014/03/19/1285854/-The-SAT-s-Anti-Semitic-Roots

Almost everything you have to do for college apps (essays, extracurriculars, interviews etc.) was created to keep Jewish students out of the Ivies while maintaining the illusion of fair judgement


you know whats wayyyyy easier than writing? scrolling through tumblr for hours and hours and tangentially thinking about your WIPs but not Actually working on them


ive followed about 80% of you for so long that i dont even care about your fandoms anymore i just cant ever unfollow you bc we have this deep connection going on & my dash wouldnt feel the same w/o u 

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Reblog to make a white gay big mad

Reblog to make QPOC feel more welcome in their own community

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I’ve been having a really bad day, so I thought I’d make this gifset in case any of you out there are feeling at your worst and need a little something to make your day brighter.



banning the star of david pride flag from a march due to your anti-zionist leanings is wrong on so many levels, not to mention the fact that it buys in to the narrative that apartheid israel somehow has the sole claim on jewish identity, which it wants you to think it does.

if somebody wants to wield an israeli flag at an explicitly anti-zionist pride march then yeah, tell them to take a hike, but equating the star of david with the actions of an apartheid state is no better than equating the muslim moon and star with the saudi monarchy. incredibly short-sighted.

just saying, the inability of radical leftists to differentiate between jewish identity and zionism continues to be incredibly harmful to jewish leftists and palestinians alike. apartheid israel doesn’t own the star of david for christ’s sake.




You and your immortal friends amuse yourselves with practical jokes. Since you’re immortal, some of your joke setups take centuries, or even millenia, to execute.


Man, imagine the payout though, you’ve been waiting two hundred years for the punchline to drop, waiting for just the right time. Be like scratching a 200 year old itch.


make no mistake: banning Jews from the dyke march is not about support for palestine. it’s about holding jews globally accountable for the actions of israel. which is antisemitic.

banning queer jews from safe queer spaces is antisemitic. 

deciding whether a jew is “good” or “bad” based on interrogation about zionism is antisemitic.

leftists need to stop being f*#%ing antisemitic.

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omg this is me when i have to deal with someone else in the house

If this isn’t me idk what is

THis is me with everything. Fastest way to demotivate me is to tell me to do something I was LITERALLY about to do.


every person who jokes about how cats will “randomly” attack you while petting them owes me a $20 tax for not knowing how to read cat body language

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This had me laughing so hard.

Is this the gay agenda? Because I’m totally on board with this.

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