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November 18 2017


Trump is president and Blake Shelton is sexiest man alive. This is the year of “no qualifications needed.” Get your dream job today!


You ever wonder if Ax asked Tobias if he wanted to come back to the Andalite homeworld with him at the end of the series? I just have a hard time believing that Ax would just immediately leave his best friend and nephew behind like how it comes across in the book, especially since Rachel’s death fucking destroyed Tobias. Maybe Andalite homeworld would have been dicks to him because he’s a nothlit so they both decided it would be better if he stayed behind? Do you think Ax made it a point to visit Tobias if he ever had time off from military stuff? This shit just eats at me, guys.

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A mini project done on Lakota Identity with some fellow students at Oglala Lakota College.

Project conceived by Elaine Yellow Horse (second photo). Photographs/editing by me (doyoumisterjones). Additional help by Anna Takes Shield (last photo.)

Because I’ve seen other people expressing confusion about this, I figured I should attach my answer to this ask:

Wonderful information on Lakota hair and protocol. Thank you for sharing.




Ugh. Let’s talk about something less aggravating and something fun and positive instead.

Every time I see some of the art Ikuko Itō did for a few Sailor Moon episodes my lifespan grows by 5 years. She’s so talented and her art is so gorgeous. Please let’s just look at this for a second;

- An average episode of Sailor Moon.

(cute. Nice to look at. Nice colours. Nice proportions and poses. The example used is Kazuko Tadano)

- An episode of Sailor Moon with Masahiro Ando as animation director.

(good at silly and cartoony expressions but honestly my least favourite animation director and I find these episodes to be really ugly. Sadly, Ando did a LOT of episodes…)

- An episode of Sailor Moon where Ikuko Itō is bringing her all


omg just!!! JUST!!!!

How is she so goooooooood????


She is my fav animator for sure

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look i know some of you are like undyingly committed to percabeth as the otp to end all otps or whatever and i also know that in a similar and more mature fashion it is part of a very special place in your heart that brings back good memories and shit

but WHEN are you guys gonna like realize that some vaguely irritated bloggers saying they don’t like percabeth and pointing out flaws with it doesn’t mean WHATSOEVER that anyone is trying to take it away from you and your own insecurities with what you ship doesn’t  mean you have to write a novel length post on “why i’m allowed to ship the cis heterosexual white couple that canonically ends up together” like…………nobody that you’re trying to explain yourself to cares and the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of people already agree with you like…who r u talking to

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Praising men for cleaning the dishes he helped dirty up? Lol

Praising the father for being a good ass dad and teaching his son to clean up properly and how a partnership should work, you absolute corn kernel.

Always remember if a man doesn’t help he’s a jerk. If he does help he’s expecting praise for cleaning up a mess he helped make.

It’s obvious he’s such a horrible person for teaching his son cleanliness and self-sufficiency. How do these people think society and gender roles are going to change if we don’t start raising children to be well-rounded instead of 50′s stereotypes?

It’s the same way we need to teach girls how to take change their own oil or tires, pay taxes, fix a garbage disposal, etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong teaching children the skills they need to live on their own.



i think the thing that makes me angriest about the entire culture of people being forced to set up online fundraisers for things like medical treatments and basic necessities is that at least 99% of the people who donate are people who are ALSO struggling but just slightly less, people who think “well i was saving this $20 for lunch this week but this person who needs chemo could probably use it more”, while a single billionaire could fund every online fundraiser in existence and not even notice a dent in their wealth

What makes it even more infuriating is we already have a system where a bunch of people pay a little bit to cover huge medical costs. It’s called health insurance.











So Captain Underpants explores the friendship between a gay boy and a black bisexual boy and y’all wanna say Beauty and the Beast was the pinnacle of gay representation in children’s films huh

Captain Underpants comes out on Pride Month. Coincidence? I think the fuck NOT.

Excuse but Harold and George aint gay.

You miss the book where Harold has a husband?

Fanfiction aint canon

It’s in the official books written by the actual author, so it is canon. Pilkey wrote it, so it’s canon. 

I refuse to believe he willingly inserted a political agenda into a popular, established children series

Oh look, stuff from the book! The actual canon book. 

Look at Harold with his husband and kids. Very small but super poignant. 

LOL @ ‘wouldn’t put political agendas in children’s books’. 



Just for once I’d like to tell the gate agents and flight attendants that my folding wheelchair is going into the onboard closet and not have them tell me there’s “no room”. Bitch that’s a wheelchair closet, not a “your bags” closet. Move your damn bags where they belong.

Ok, so according to my friendly aviation expert, this is a Big Fucking Deal. In fact, if an airline argues with you about putting your wheelchair in the wheelchair closet or even suggests there may not be room, unless there is already another passenger’s wheelchair in that closet, they have violated federal law.

CFR Title 14, Chapter II, Subchapter D, Part 382, Subpart E, Section 382.67, Subsection (e)

“As a carrier, you must never request or suggest that a passenger not stow his or her wheelchair in the cabin to accommodate other passengers (e.g., informing a passenger that stowing his or her wheelchair in the cabin will require other passengers to be removed from the flight), or for any other non-safety related reason (e.g., that it is easier for the carrier if the wheelchair is stowed in the cargo compartment).”


This is hugely important because it means that if this happens to you, you should report their asses to the DOT. Why? Because these statistics are published every year for every airline, and the airline gets a huge ass fine for every violation. If we want to see change, we need to make airlines literally pay every time they treat us this way.

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I did the thing. Here is version 2~






my brother is teaching his cat how to high five by giving her a treat every time she successfully taps her hand to his hand, which is all well and good, but now she thinks that she is entitled to food every time she high fives someone.  i can’t eat in the same room as her anymore because she’ll just bap my hand rapid fire and then go nyoom straight in for my pizza like no Kelly that’s illegal go finish ur own dinner

“No Kelly, that’s illegal.”

So, a while back, I was using clicker-training to teach my cat Taz tricks. She learned very quickly and it was a good experience all around, but we had to hide the clicker.

Taz had learned that the clicker meant she got treats. So she would find it, carry it up to people, step on it to make it click, and then SCREAM AT THEM to give her the treats she was clearly owed because the clicker had made a sound.


Pavlov is rolling over laughing in his grave.


[After the events of Moon Called]

Mercy : Wait, did you just flirt with me ?

Adam : Have been for the past decade, but thanks for noticing.

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me as a best-selling author

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What’s up guys it’s me, Visser Three, president of FUCK Logging Company


I will confess to having done a bit of very cautious Googling when I hit that chapter, to see if I could find out what “dapsen” meant without spoiling myself terribly for anything else, but as far as I could tell it’s not something that’s ever revisited in a future book?

So fill in your rude term of choice, I guess.

I’m currently a fan of referring to people as douchetrucks, so I will choose to believe that the Evil Logging Camp of Evil was officially the Douchetruck Logging Company.

tag urself as a student


i.d.g.a.f:  goes to school unbothered, doesn’t give a shit about makeup or looking nice, constantly has a water bottle filled, when they’re not taking notes they’re sleeping in class, goes home and actually studies/does homework, bottles up emotions, wants to travel

covfefe: lives their life on coffee and tea, always participates in class discussions, likes to observe, challenges themselves sometimes a little too much, needs more sleep, always trying to make plans to fill up their schedule, likes aesthetics

netflix & procrastinate: honestly wants to do well, gets distracted easily, when they’re focused they get shit done, pulls lots of all nighters, tells everyone ‘im fine’ when not fine, accidentally skips breakfast, loves their friends, gets anxiety over tests and quizzes

pastel: is always organized, loves to journal, actually listens to the teacher, people think they’re always super sweet, wants to visit japan, loves animals, does research for fun, looks over work 948208 times before turning it in, watches horror movies and then regrets it

complaint department: acts like they didn’t have enough time to do homework (they did), blames others for their problems, doesn’t study then cry when they get a bad grade, secretly is very insecure, is always out “sick”, acts better than others for no reason sometimes

chilly child: is very relaxed but knows how to work, is nice to their teachers, tries to avoid half-assing things, loves autumn, likes studying with other people, is very self motivating, tries not to focus on the letter grade but rather how hard they worked, and tbh they’re just tryna enjoy life, 


After everything that happened in Ragnarok, imagine Thor hearing about Steve and Tony’s fight and being like “Really?! Thats why you all stopped working together?! Just get over it! I did! I’m still friends with Loki and he’s betrayed me three times since breakfast! This petty mortal shit is nothing!”


Do u ever just cry bc kingdom hearts is the purest thing on this earth and it just makes u feel like everything is okay



every fictional character you love can be like you. They can have panic attacks and they can spend days in bed and they can go nonverbal and have executive functioning issues, I promise they can if you want that, and they’re still your fave. Everything you dislike about yourself and everything you dislike about your past can have happened to your favourite characters, nobody can tell you otherwise

Also I want to add that this post is super ultra mega for people who are autistic, psychotic, trans + basically everyone who gets bullshit for trying to find characters to relate to

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