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May 23 2018

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Comic book Thanos is an incel extremist.

an alien that wants to win death’s affection is like something you’d hear about in a metal song tbh

Imagine being cucked by deadpool

maybe that’s why they changed his backstory for the MCU so that the big bad villain isn’t being cucked by chimichanga meme man



you know what I like? how original flavor female Loki was often drawn as kind of a typical Sexy Comics Lady with a lot of cleavage but when modern Loki takes on a female form in Agent of Asgard she still looks like a skinny somewhat androgynous goth mess, which is honestly as it should be

reblog if you think the norse god on the right is just as beautiful as the one on the left, et cetera

This is good




What’s happening on Twitter? 🤔

I’ve never seen him young what the hell

May 22 2018

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So I got blood drawn today, and left a note for myself last night to remember to fast.

It was much more confusing at 5AM than it was the night before.

….as a person who works in a medical lab, my initial reaction to that sign was ‘This coffee pot is for use with blood only’ 

We have refrigerators that literally have signs on them that says ‘NO FOOD - BLOOD’ and ‘NO FOOD - SPECIMENS ONLY’ on them. 

vampire and human roommates AU

not coffee but blood

I read it as “you have to give the coffee pot blood in order to use it”


Date a cutie who is comforted by your voice

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I don’t understand why books have shifted from having summaries on the back of the covers to having one-line reviews.

Seriously though. I want to know what the book is about. Not that someone from the Evening Standard thinks it’s a masterpiece. 

I have been waiting for this post my whole life.



“Character who looks dangerous but is actually harmless” and “character who looks harmless but is actually dangerous” are both well and good, but consider: character who looks dangerous, and actually is, but for a completely different reason than they look like they should be.

And no, I don’t mean like “guy who wears robes with a water motif is actually a fire wizard”. I mean like “seven-foot-tall mountain of gleaming muscle with sword the size of a surfboard strapped to his back is actually the Nine Realms’ most feared lawyer”.

playing video game


game: this weapon has +6 damage and +4 defense from your current weapon

me: but it ugly



an authority figure: [expresses slight, arguable disappointment in me]

me, shaking: Wow. Can’t Believe I’m The Worst Person Alive

authority figure: *is in a bad mood or even is just less friendly than usual*

me, stomach in knots: My fault? I must be the cause of this?


You know something? Cats just get it… they intrinsically know that if you get overwhelmed you should just pass out in a sunbeam in the middle of the floor because that’s how it be sometimes


be the surreal nonsense you wish to see in the world

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Flint isn’t the only city with a water crisis. This majority black town in Louisiana has had brown water for years


#BlackLivesMatter #Louisiana #Government  #StayWoke

Hey guys! I know I just posted some water-drive info, but I this shit is important and I am appalled that the American government finds treating it’s people, most of all it’s most vulnerable, like this, is acceptable in any way.

This is not a random petition.org type thing, it is a white house site petition looking for enough signatures to qualify to be presented to people of power in the American government. 

If you are American, I hope you will sign it and pass it on to be seen. If you are not, like me, I hope you will pass it on to your American friends. No access to water is not an inconvenience, it is an emergency.

May 21 2018

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i want this shirt in a tiny size for my cat

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all attack cantrip scars for when you really fail those saves






taking over! i’m


Posts like this make me realize that I never read anyone’s fucking url



There’s no reason you can’t eat pie at every meal. They make fruit pies, vegetable pies, meat pies, meat substitute pies, I mean pies easily cover 100% of your necessary nutrient groups. They even make cake pies. The only reason not to switch over to pie entirely is pie sucks.

you were so close to a revolutionary thesis and then you betrayed me and every citizen of good standing

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